hey there UG, guess whos back after an insanely long 2 1/2 months of being banned! Its good to be back !

now to the point, how would the Agile PS-924 compare to the Schecter C-1 plus?

I've played the schecter and I love it. The agile has all the same features cept it also has a trem and different body shape(PRS style ). both got coil tapping, set in neck, both got flame tops(im going for the amber agile), both have 24 frets.

So basically if the agile is as good or better than the schecter im going to go for it and if its not i'll prob get the schecter.

What would the ST-1000 compare to, a MIM, MIA, or MIJ? cause im thinking of using as a guitar geared more towards cleans but able to handle decent overdrive, pretty much like RHCP stuff, mostly clean but able to handle some dist.It seems like a good deal its got soem sustain block, lockin tuners, 2 point wilkonsin trem which L_Z_NUT said was his favorite feature of the ST-802 in his review. And I decided to take a strat over a tele, its like R_H_C_P says there great but strats are more versatile. I love teles and if I had an endless supply of money i'd buy one but im workin for it so I decided to take a strat cause you get way more sounds from them and you can sound close to a tele cept for that middle pup position. And i've got a black pickguard I bought off ebay like an idiot for like $40 after taxes( I say idiot because with that money I could have went to a weezer concert with the pixies opening and I dont know why I didnt but im an idiot, and im not sure if it was the other way around but weezer should be opening for the pixies, can you believe possibly the last pixies tour and a once in a lime time oppertunity and I passed up on it, BTW this happened in like 2004 but I will never forget it), customs duty and shipping wich didnt even fit my strat copy and would have cost $50 to have the store custom fit so I can put that on it like johns strat in can't stop . BTW im getting the maple neck .

And im planning on using the PRS copy as a guitar geared more towards dist and decent cleans. Im also thinking of getting the goldtop AL3000 as backup guitar later on, I tryed out some tokai lp copies today and they felt pretty nice, but yea I agree with people on strats feeling so much more inviting, I still like the lp though and I dont see everybodys beef on fret reach I could reach the high frets just fine.

next on the list the Agile AS-820 Semi-Hollow 12-String. Im thinking of getting this to. why semi hollow you ask>? because I want something I can plug into and something I can play acoustically and i've never played a semi hollow so curiosity is playing a part to. Anyone had any experience with these, maybe with the non 12 string model? I'll probably buy it anyways cause it seems good and from what i've heard I can return it if I dont like it so whats the worst that could happen ?

well thats about it. And im probably going to end up having to get the hughes and kettner (its on the front page, im getting the 100 watt cause on the 50 watt my cleans got alotta natural overdrive which I dont like to much, I like my cleans clean so im going for that. Its the switchblade)first because I was renting a YCV50 before but we gave it back already so I dont think I have anything to even play at band practice, our bassists in sweden for like 5 weeks though so its ok for now.

Yea so after the amp i'll be saving up for these guitars, in order of PRS copy, strat, then 12 string. then i'll start saving up for a buddawah, small stone , foxx tone machine in yellow, Danelectro fish and chips EQ, Line 6 ToneCore Constrictor Compressor and depending on how good the noise gate on the line6 is maybe an ISP decimator. I'll also be throwing in my behringer tuner(the TU100) which was a great deal BTW I always see you guys talking about their other pedals that are part of this series of pedals and no one ever mentions this great little pedal tuner. I'll also be throwing in my danelectro fab toneand a danelectro free speech.

What do you guys think of my future rig?

Take a deep breath I know this was a lot to take in at once but these things build up when your banned for almost 3 months

thanks alot to those who took the time to read this, any and all comments/suggestions/questions would really be appreciated. thanks alot everyone!

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Agile is an awesome brand bro, I have an Al-300 Prestige, best guitar I've ever played. Ill get to compare to many other guitars today at GC. Then Ill get you some feedback.

Clay Johnson
Dude why don't you just get the C-1 classic. It has the real seymour duncans. The duncan designed are pretty mediocre imo.
cause if the PRS copys are as good as the people say the LP copies are then I can buy the PRS get some real good pickups and still have it cost alot less.
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where are all the agile people, I need your help!

I would have helped you sooner man, but my computer got a really bad virus a couple days ago and I reformatted my hard drive today, and I just finished.

I'm not too sure how good the PRS copies are, if they're anything like my strat copy you'll be very very happy you went with Agile... I remember Algee said he was gonna go to Rondo's and do a full review here when he got back, but he got banned . His opinion on Agiles were never good though. But he makes custom guitars so I think he expected too much from a factory made guitar.

I have no idea about the ST-1000 either, sorry man. The review on HC wasn't very good though.

As far as you wanting good cleans without breakup. Why don't you just get tubes that allow for more headroom, unless you really think you'll need 100 watts of tube power cause that's freakin' loud man.
Hai UG!
lol thanks yea I saw what Algee said and I didnt think much of it cause he was bashing like every company cept the $4000 PRS'.

wouldnt the ST-1000 be a step up from the ST-802?

Is there tubes that do that? Cause my drummer got a new set(taye tour pro) thats really good and nice and big, the bass drums like a foot under a meter and there loud. I dont know how much of a difference the tubes would make but the 100 watt version of that H&K amp I want is just $100 more than the 50 watt so I figure I might aswell go all out and get the 100 watter.

and thanks for helpin as soon as possible
OK, I have now compared my agile to almost every guitar at Guitar Center
I am shocked to find that my agile plays better than any Ibanez I tried every epiphone I tried and played just as good if not better as a $3426 dollar Gibson and $2400 dollar PRS. The only thing I found that I liked more was a Martin and Co. acoustic (it was EMACULATE!) But hardly ANY electric stood up to my Agile
Ill be able to help you out soon man just won an agile al3000 on ebay! Should be here next week sometime.
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No problem giorgio it was a good excuse to go and Manic, you'll love it, trust me.

Btw manic in your future gear, I had the oppertunity to mess with all of those items yesterday. B-52 F-ing awesome, podxtl...complicated but also very very useful. Boss pedal-great if used right, agile
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No problem giorgio it was a good excuse to go and Manic, you'll love it, trust me.

Btw manic in your future gear, I had the oppertunity to mess with all of those items yesterday. B-52 F-ing awesome, podxtl...complicated but also very very useful. Boss pedal-great if used right, agile

Hey thanks man! Yeah i havnt had all the time i have wanted with that B-52 but from what ive seen it seems awesome! podxtl tho thats just a far off dream lol too complicated and too much money right now.
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Haha, I know what you mean about the POD man, I've got one on the way but I wont understand it enough for weeks!
I've been seriously considering an Agile for my next guitar as well.

Although i'm so nervous because it's not something I can go 'test' out since it's normally not available anywhere else.

I'm just not sure if i'm better of spending that money on a Schecter/ESP/Jackson that I can actually go test out in a store somewhere, than something that while it looks the same/has the same (minus pickups) features that I can't actually test before.
I bought my agile only having played one before. It's hard buying gear you've never tried before but with Agile it's a good bet you'll like it. Out of the brand names you just mentioned the Schecter and Agile steal the show.
anyone else?
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?
Def go for the Agile. They are amazing guitars, for the money. And about the guy who mentioned the B-52, there is a lesser SOLID STATE amp that blows ass, if you check out B-52 check out the AT-100. They're all tube RMS. There's a halfstack and a 2x12 combo. Both sound awesome.

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B-52 AT-100 Half stack.

Yeah man if i were to get a b-52 itd be the at-100
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Yes yes yes B-52 tri-rectified 100watt all tube Head and 480wattRMS 4x12 Cab, big name...EVEN BIGGER TONE!
Yeah, I own that amp. It's an amazing amp/

Gibson Explorer
Epi Les Paul Standard

B-52 AT-100 Half stack.

Quote by ClayJohnson
played just as good if not better as a $3426 dollar Gibson and $2400 dollar PRS.

No, it didn't. My PRS would eat your Agile and **** out the 5 year old Korean kids who made it. I'm not saying the Agile isn't good for the money, it just can't hold its own against a high quality instrument.

Quote by ClayJohnson
The only thing I found that I liked more was a Martin and Co. acoustic (it was EMACULATE!)

You should check out Taylor acoustics, much better than new Martins, IMO.
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anyways, anyone else got any comments?
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?
I own 4 Agile electrics, and I'm happy with each one.

1 Agile PS900 - Trans Blue.
I'm a strat-man, but I fell in love with this one immediately. A nice axe with absolutely no fret buzz anywhere....even when bending strings.

1 Agile PS924WE - Transparent amber w/Wilkinson tremolo
My current favorite. Had it 'PLEK'd' at Peekamoose guitar shop in NYC. (It played fine beforehand, but I was curious about the PLEK machine so I decided to use this axe as a test-case. No regrets. It made a nice axe even nicer.)


I also installed GFS pickups (zebras) which are warmer/more powerful than the stock Agile p/u's. And I also replaced the pots with GFS pots, which are very inexpensive but also smooth & quiet.


I purchased these 2 (below) when Rondo was going out of business.....so they were dirt cheap...(50% off!!!)

1 Agile PS924WE - Transparent amber w/Wilkinson tremolo
Still completely stock and in original shipping case.

1 Agile AL-3000 CSB
Plays fine, sounds good, and it came with a really nice case. I purchased it on the last Saturday before Rondo closed their doors forever. Another customer was testing it, and it sounded great. As soon as he put it back on the rack I grabbed it, plugged in, and took it for a spin. $old! As I headed to the cashier that same customer came back looking for it. He saw me paying for it and said "Aww, man, I knew I shoulda grabbed it...."

I'm sure I paid less than $1000.00 for all four of my Agiles.

1) Sometimes the centerline of the bookmatched top is not 'on center'. It doesn't always line up between the 3rd and 4th strings.
2) A tuning key was not aligned with the other 5 keys. It sat slightly askew when compared to the others. (I was able to fix this quite easily.)
3) Teeny-tiny paint blobs near neck joint.
4) Pots don't have that 'viscous' feeling when turning....but they're not scratchy.
5) The 924 pickups sounded OK but were a bit too bright for my tastes.
6) Finding the right case for the PS900 and PS924 axes....&%$@#! The Rondo case is not exactly hardshell, and the SKB cases I've tried wind up having a gap between the neck and the neck support. The angled headstock actually touches bottom first because the neck support isn't high enough to reach/support the neck. I find it necessary to place a thick cloth underneath the neck whenever it's in the case.

During their last days Rondo was mobbed and their inventory flew out the door. I missed grabbing a 'Cool Cat' Prestige. All of the big jazz-box axes were gone. (I'm not a jazzer, but those guitars were real pretty in person!) I was sorely tempted to grab 2k worth of Agiles and stash 'em. Rondo's was a 30-minute drive from where I live, and it was an even quicker lunchtime drive from where I work. Their showroom will be missed.

I've been playing for 36 years and own 20 guitars. I have no regrets regarding any of my Agiles, nor doing business with Rondo.

well then come join the Agile Guitar Forums!! We always need reviews of different models there and we're civilized too
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