Has anyone had any experience with these? I'm looking for an amp to buy and I love the tone of this amp (the price is a bonus too), but i'm not too sure how well it would handle Death, Black and Thrash metal. I don't really know what i'm talking about, so just give me your thoughts on this amp.
it might not handle all of that but looks to be one hell of an amp
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tharsh yes. probably not enough gain/to bright for black metal but that can be fixed with an OD and eq. and not enough gain for death metal, but OD's are good.
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Carvin makes some of the best guitars and amps, and at low prices too. The legacy, is that the steve vai model? if so, i'd ask you to listen to some of his recent recordings,to try to get a general understanding of how the amp sounds. Keep in mind, vai uses a towering rack full of differnent processors to glorify his sound, but the amp should still shine through.

Concerning "Death, black, and thrash" metal, i don't know if this amp would be able to handle it. Steve vai plays in a generally blues/jazz/rock oriented direction, as seen in songs like devil food, so i don't know if this amp would suit you. However, Carvin does have a v3, that seeming looks, and sounds, biult for heavier music.
I wish i could help you more, but as stated by forum rules, a price range, and a general idea of your setup is needed. Regardless, i suggest you look into the v3 as an alternative, IF you really want carvin. Otherwise, amps like peavey, specifically the 6505, should satisfy your needs.
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I'm aware that what I play is very different to what Vai plays, but i've heard a few demos of the amp now (directly to the amp, no effects except what it has) and the gain seems almost enough. I try to picture that sound on what I play, and it feels like it could work.