hey, i know this really sounds out of place, but im looking for a bass amp for hopefully less then 100$. Im in no need of a really nice amp, and i dont want anyone saying "spend 200$ for this you'll like it later", im just really looking for a small 10-15watt amp for use around the house. I play guitar, and am going to stick to that, but i own a old ovation bass and a 69 fender p bass, both work great, and i also have a bass 8 band eq, sterio chorus, and compressor pedals i recieved with the basses, and now i just want to hear myself play for whenever i do pick up the bass. I dont need a super good amp, nor alot of effects with the amp.
any recomendations are welcome
thanks in advance
uh, maybe a little Kustom or peavey will be in that range.
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Get either a Hartke or a Crate. Those are the lesser expensive amps which still hold good quality