heres another one. this time the topic is the all too familiar feeling of knowing that the thing (or person as the case is here) that you desire the most will always be out of reach for you. This kind of serves as my attempt to put some of the feelings i have to rest although, as the song alludes to at the end, that may never happen. crit for crit and thanks in andvance. you guys have been great in the past.


I?m not at peace,
Not at all quite yet,
I can?t explain,
Why it hasn?t set,
In to me,
It?s just not there,
There?s nothing to grab,
It?s all just air,
It?s nobody?s fault,
And certainly not yours,
But it?s hard to find an entrance,
When you can?t find any doors,
You don?t cut me off,
You don?t shut me out,
But you will always haunt me,
Of that there?s no doubt
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