Ok so right now I have absolutely no home recording gear. I am also totally lost when it comes to this kind of thing. I have been playing and singing for about two and a half years now and wanted to start recording but I have no idea what to get or how to use it. So my questions are.

What do I need? As in a mic, cords, software, soundcard?

How would I go about using said materials.

My budget is about $250 to $300. I know it's not alot but I'm a teenage gimme a break.

So thanks for any advice. Anything you think I should know about home recording would be apprecianted too. Thanks alot.
if it's just you, just by a 30 dollar computer mic and download audacity.

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get a decent sound card, mine is only $30 and it works fine. ur problem is going to be the software. unless u steal its going to cost a lot of money. but if u want to use something like audacity that would probably work to. i havent used it much so i don't know much about it.
if anyone has used both audacity and other costly proffesional programs, i would like to if there is a big difference between the two.
As covin says, just get a sound editor program, like audacity or garageband if you have mac, use a cheap microphone and record its that easy.....
you could also use a 1/4" to 1/8" cable to directly connect your electric guitar to the computer.
1/8" gives you crap, noisy, and ugly sounding recordings.

If you have any interest in recording and gettting a good sound then dont go that route.
Sorry for not specifying. I play acoustic and sing mostly with maybe a little electric riff over the top every now and then.

Would just a mic into my compter work well to record acoustic and vocals at the same time or would I have to do it seperately. I can't really sing without playing guitar at the same time.

Right now I'm using a friends computer type mic and it sucks ass. I just want sometihng that will pick up the sound well and is atleast bearable to hear.

I think for now I might just do the mic into audacity thing. Any mic reccomendations?
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1/8" gives you crap, noisy, and ugly sounding recordings.

If you have any interest in recording and gettting a good sound then dont go that route.

my recordings seem to come out clear and i use 1/8. what kind of sound card do u have?
silent dud's right. this forums a bit of a joke. it makes me sad lol. search around, google, etc. id give you some websites but ive been banned twice for that lol. anyway, heres something i havent seen on this forum yet.




or this, more suitable for electric guitar amps. less for acoustic and vocals.


a high quality microphone, perfect for vocals and acoustic, pretty good also for electric, with a built in usb interface. this would not involve you soundcard at all. think of the mic as having its own built in high quality usb soundcard. very simple. i recommend it.
Good luck! and dont forget to post your recordings.

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sry if this is dumb but im wonderong how to record to. so ya. wats a soundcard? and also how do u record the guitar or voacals or w/e on to the computer? theres a way to conncect ur guitar to ur computer but im not sure how to do that either. and i want to record an acoustic song so i can't use that so ya. thanks
First you will need a microphone. There are many things to look for in a microphone such as do i need a dynamic or condenser mic. Dynamic mics are usually used for loud things, guitar amps, drums, nu metal singers, and the like. Condensers are for more soft things like vocals ,acoustic guitar, etc. Dynamic are powered by themselves whil condenser 48v of power (also called phantom power).This can come from a mixer,soundcard,preamp,whatever.
Now you will need a recording interface.Many "nowadays" are digital and can run off computers through your common usb or firewire chord are called external recording interfaces. Some can be put into your computer like pci. And some are still old 8 track tape decks.These are good for the money saver but will suffice in quality and is not the standard in todays terms. There are also many recording interfaces that do not need a computer. Those are called stand alone systems. These are good and portable and can commonly run on most computers and come with built in mixers.
If using a computer,softwware will be needed. Some hardware comes with software (but is usually a light version of some software).If your interested there is a software list on the top of the thread list of the riffs and recordings forum.

sorry,i can sometimes go on and on.
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