I'm really confused about how to know exactly which hole on a PC board I should solder a wire to when making a fuzz face. Theres so many holes. Does any of them work? Thanks
It matters where you solder a wire. What schematic are you using and what wire are you wanting to solder
Uhh...it says on the layout exactly what to do...?
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My PC board doesn't look just like the one in the picture. I know how to solder the components together, i just dont know which holes to solder the wires to. Does it really matter? Should i find a circuit board that looks like the one in the layout?
you have a perfboard then. its an un-etched board. you have to put the components in the holes following that layout and then use the blue lines there to show what components are soldered where.
Maybe I'm making this to complicated, but does it matter if I solder the wire on the the board right above Capacitor 1 shown on the layout. Or can it be close? Theres also blank space between components on the circuit board how should I deal with this?
for building a fuzz face on perf board: follow the schematic

for that 100k transistor that connects the base of the first transistor and the emitter of the second one you can mount it in between the 2 transistors (not crossing over the line that goes from the emitter of the first tranistor to ground)

you can also mount the 22uF capacitor directly onto the fuzz pot
LesPaul... dude you just arent making sence. follow the layout. the blue lines show you what to connect where. you are making this way too confusing. either follow the layout, or you arent meant to be building pedals.
One last question. Do I have to do any wiring from component to component on the perf board(basically wire two components together on the board). Or can I simply solder the components to the board? Thanks
of course you have to connect the components. if you just have components soldered to the board, what good will that do? nothing will be connected and it will do nothing.
Okay Thanks Everyone has been a big help. I'll start building after I reasearch some stuff on google. Thanks LP
Is the big black circle in the middle right the DC input...? If so, should there be a capacitor across the +ve and -ve legs (apparently this avoids 'rippling')...

The ripple is not a problem with batteries, only power supplys (and purists argue that fuzz faces sound better running off batteries Eric Johnson swears by Duracells in his fuzzfaces )