would an over drive pedal like the marshall guv,nor, be better suited to the hartke piggy back half stack, or a distortion pedal such as the marshall jackhammer, by the way the amp is a hybrid amplifier with one tube, i m looking for a metal type of sound aswell
A distortion pedal would be better. An overdrive is used to push the tubes of a tube amp a little harder for more crunch.
hmmm... I run my Marshall BluesBreaker through my Hartke GT60combo. I like that alot and its overdrive. If you are looking to use your amps overdrive and the pedal's, get an overdrive pedal. If you are looking to just use the pedal, get the distortion.
hey 'call1800kizmyass' would u happen to no the height of the piggyback ministack?? i really need to no!!!lol