I searched, and the last thread about them got closed for some reason I couldn't work out, so I thought I'd make another and see how it fares.
Anyway, I just got their album Blueberry Boat, and it's one of the weirdest albums I've heard all year, but it's really growing on me with every listen. What the hell are these guys up to? And why is it so damn good?
Opinions (good or bad), and any recommendations of similar bands below please....
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they get tiresome rather quickly.

Like half way through a song. I've never really seen the attraction of this band.
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I don't really like them, but they're from a town pretty close to mine. Which I think is cool.
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They are hard for a lot of people to get into, but really Blueberry Boat is one of the best albums of the past few years. You just have to give it some time. Although a lot of it is difficult to get into, there are some great pop moments scattered throughout. Also, a lot of the attraction is in the lyrics, seeing as each song is a short story.
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they have some of the best consistent narrative lyrics I've seen but thats really all they are, narration and odd noises, still, their worth a listen.
what i've heard didn't catch my atention
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I've been trying to listen to them since I heard they were kinda like The Dresden Dolls, but TheirSpace isn't working.
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I liked some of their studio stuff, but when I saw them live their was no synths at all. It was just your standard bass/guitar/drums setup. That coupled with the fact that Eleanor took over most of the vocals (her voice isn't exactly melodic) made for a very disapointing show.
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Yeah, I saw them as part of the Dog Day Afternoon festival. They used the guitar/drums/bass setup there as well. I would have loved to hear the songs as they were on the album, but i thought it was pretty good as it was. The versions of Quay Cur and Chris Michaels were amazing.
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From what I've heard from them I've digged, but yeah I have to be in the right mood...(stoned) to really get into them. Very interesting music, at least got to give them props on being unique.

If you like them I'd check out, Talk Demonic or The United States of America.
They`re Bloody awesome
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