hi there. I just bought a 1996 Squire fender stratocaster on ebay for $500 australian that was made in Korea. Anybody out there owned one of these? I know theyre not jap quality but are they still pretty good? It a cream colour with white scratch plate and in excellent condition the guy said. I should get it tomorrow. I only been playing for 1 year but Im a quick learner and my favorite songs to play are hotel california and fade to black
Squires aren't that good. Period.
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I actually own one in the same year (late 96) in black and its not that great really i think for your money you could have gotton something better, sounds like it looks nice though.
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i got a made in china 1996 one, it black, probably better then recent ones but still nothing spectacular, i love it all the same being my first guitar n all
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I got it and took me 15mins to tune. every time i tuned the bottom e it put the top e out but after 15mins i got it perfect. The action is alittle high and I wish it had a 22 fret as some songs i like to play use the 22 fret ( guess ill have to use the 18th fret and bend to get the same pitch as the 22 fret ). Might take to the shop and give it a full tune up and lower the action abit. Looks sick though I love a white guitar
It sounds sick though has good pickups compared to my new Aston ( australian company )electric with is great and has very good action but ****ty pickups
fender do or did have their squire stats made in korea as well as mexico. not sure if they still do. Aston ( make australian guitars ) make there guitars in korea and a recent review in a mag said that they were very surprised with the great quality that the koreans are doing.