I know this is not a cover but this seems like the most logical place to ask. I have the free audacity programme to record music, but I have no idea on how to get it on dmusic and start a dmusic profile. please help. just tell what exactly I have to do and click. I have tried but got lost.
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I can't tell you about the profile but i will tell you how i got my music on there:
1. while audacity is running, open a file you want on dmusic.
2. go to file again, and on the drop-down, click export as mp3
3. click save (make sure you have downloaded the lame 3.96.1 from the website).
4.change name of song you have made an mp3 (and the non-mp3) so there are no spaces in them (use underscores)
5. copy and paste mp3 file to a folder in which there are no spaces in ex.: C:\ProgramFiles\(your_folder_name\your_song_name\
6. go to dmusic and sign in
7. click on "my artist account (right under your username
8. click on "-music" (which is under "file manager")
9. lastly, click on "add music" to the right of options.

i hope this helps, it took me a while to type
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