I am looking for an amp, i did go to the shop and tried a few amps that im intrested out, but shops do not carry a wide range of amps within my price range

however i can get it off the net which makes my selection much wider.

I do not know too much about amps, so all suggestions are welcome, would be good to have some more information rather than "get vox ac30 its rules the world"

my price range is 1000-1200 Aus dollars which is somewhere in 400-500 US dollars.

The music that I play and listen is mainly

Blues, Classic ****, Reggae

so no metal chugga chugga sounds

Amps i have been looking at:

Laney VC30 112
Fender Blues Jr (15 watt)
Peavey Classic 30
Peavey Delta Blues
Vox AC15

All suggestions are more than welcome


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Defiantly the Fender Blues Jr. The tone is unbelievable and it's tube. Good for your style of music.
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Laney VC30 112
Fender Blues Jr (15 watt)
Peavey Classic 30
Peavey Delta Blues
Vox AC15

They're all brilliant amps for what you want, try as many of them as you can.

I have a Blues Jr, and I love it so much, sounds so damn good and fat cleans etc, sounds great naturally overdriven too.

I've tried a VC30 out for a few hours, the cleans weren't as good as the Blues Jr's, but the overdrive was something special, so sweet sounding and begging to be cranked, very Vox-y.

The Peavey Classic was a nice amp too, I preferred my Blues Jr's cleans to it, but the overdrive was nice, needed to be cranked a bit to sound classic rocky.

And the AC15's are great little amps, but lacking in the top boost channel, great cleans though! And they sound nice cranked too.
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I'd say between the classic 30 and the ac15.. I'd probably take the classic 30... Class a amps sound really hot with an overdrive too. They are both awesome amps.

Good luck man

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