Theres a part in the call of ktulu solo where the tab i have says you should play it like this:


Now using my knowledge of the fretboard I found out when differently positioned, this turns out to be a common minor sweeping shape. So i found out i could also play it liek this:


Now to me this is loads easier, just takes a lil while to get used to the irregular note skips. WOuld this be correct?
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Yeah, the tab for that is probably wrong, it'd make far more sense to play it your way, as most players couldn't make those 10>17 fret stretches.
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If it's the same notes yea it'll sound the same. I assume you're supposed to tap the 17 in the first tab though, not stretch.
yeah go for it. thats the best part of knowing notation. you can look at tabs and find easier ways to play things when people tab em stupidly.
I do that as well, nothing wrong with it. Although if in another exmaple it specifically specified to not let the notes ring (staccato) then you will want to choose a method that helps you do this.

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The F (the 15th fret on the D string) may sound a little odd as on (most) guitar this string is wound rather than just straight and so that string will give a different tone to the rest but no-one except for you or an experienced guitarist who knows the song well will notice