Heya all, this is the composition I'm using for my GCSE coursework at school.

It's a tad rushed seeing as I was going for something way more than what we needed in order to get a better mark than what was predicted for me.

So I realised some of it sounds broken and cliche, but it was the best I could do seeing as the deadline is tomorrow.

Constructive criticism please.


EDIT: The requirement was for the piece to form a story of some sort, mine's based around the dante's inferno concept with each section symbolising a section of hell. Cheesy? I love it. =]

EDIT: Just to save my own ass, I've been playing 6 months, so don't be TOO harsh. =]
GCSE composition.zip
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Oh **** that, that was cool. I didn't want it to end lol. Every part fitted well and connected the whole piece together like a story (well, to me it did). 10/10
Yeah dude that was pretty good, but I do have just a few minor things to say. The rhythms got a little bit repetitive and I didn't really like all the billion notes per second shredding that much. I did like the rhythms though, I just felt there was too much of them and I though you should've kept it loud when you put it down to mp, at least fade it in or something. I did enjoy listening to it, and if you get a chance check mine out. Its called Steel Rain and the link is in the sig.
6 months and you can play those arpeggios?

pretty sweet. i liked it, it got a little repetitive though.
the sweeps at the begging were pretty strait forward and jsut followed the chord progression that was a little boring and the soloing at the end sounded liek u were playing random notes as fast as you could... really good for 6 months playing however

soo much n00bage
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Just because he can type it into guitar pro doesn't mean he can play it. I'm not sure if he ever even claimed he could actually play it. But if he can after 6 months... ...I've been playing for like 4 years and the fastest I can pick (cleanly) is only like 7 notes per second. If you can play like that already you should go to a classical conservatory or something.
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the chromatics kinda got to me, and i have to agree with DarkSonata, that the rhythyms were held out way to long and were too repetetive, and the erie feel to it, im not a big fan, but looking at a song, with lyrics, drums, and all that good stuff, it would be a good song none the less, so in the long run, thats all that matters, lol,. . .and yah, if you can play those after six months, wow. . .
I can play all of that, though obviously not totally clean.

The solos are pretty simple, especially the first, they're basically just harmonic minor run ups/downs missing a few steps here and there due to my attempt to create some variation.

The rhythms... I'm a tad... what's the word... Terrible? When it comes to writing rhythms, I just improvise something and use it over and over again, my intention was for the rhythms not to attract any attention to themselves and just fill the gao for the solo to go over. It's a bit of a cheat really.

Any advice on coming up with more varied rhythms that work?
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I really thought that it was mediocre at best. I didn't like the "eerie" dissonance at the start; to me it just sounded awful. Alot of the higher lead parts didn't fit with the rhythm playing underneath in my opinion. I liked the "escape from the walled city" section or w/e but the rhythm part that played after that for like a minute was lackluster at best.

Overall, this could be improved. 7/10

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