The guitarist here should know what I mean, the sound of distortion yet the notes are very clear? Like those really clean solos? especially from avenged sevenfold, their guitar is setup to sound very clean even when hitting lower notes on the fret. Anyone got a answer? thanks
it can only be an ibanez tubescreamer. best distortion pedal ever made. well, best distortion pedal thats not VERY expensive.
It's an overdrive pedal, not a distortion pedal.

And DuetSolo, they're probably using distortion, but the amps are very clear sounding, is clear a better description of what sound you mean?
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Bleh they said to live gigs they only take a BOSS super overdrive and boss digital reverb, and their live gigs still sound so clean distorted. So its all about their tube amps? Thanks for replying
yep, their amps have alot to do with it, the super overdrive is just a boost for the solos and the reverb i guess is only for specific songs
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