Hey, I have a new song up on my myspace, its called ' Phwoar I'd Tap that Mutha Funka' bit of a random name but i kinda like it haha.

Anyway its quite long (5mins), but stick with it because there are lots of tempo and key changes in there. positve or negative criticism more than welcome.

as always crit for crit just leave a link.


thanks a lot
I really like it. Got great changes in tempo and rythm. Why is it called "Phwoar I'd Tap that Mutha Funka"?
Wow, pretty awesome, actually. The tapping parts were sweet, and I liked those little tremolo bar dips you did toward the beginning.
It had a great flow to it. For some reason it reminded me of overworld music for an old-school RPG or something. It was awesome, though. 9.5/10.
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For some reason it reminded me of overworld music for an old-school RPG or something. It was awesome, though. 9.5/10.

hah thanks a lot, i kinda get what you mean as well.

Hmmm i don't know why it wouldnt work for you fighter pilot but myspace is a bit temporamental and its working for me and other people at the moment.

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haha at 1:06 sounds like under the bridge by the chilli peppers...not bad i like the tapping really cool


Bad quality but not bad i think

yeh that was some good playing right there, nice chops, shame about the recording quality but u can still hear the guitar good, loved the tapping lick you threw in. good job

thanks for the crit...keep em' comin
Oh man, I was hooked right from the beginning. I really like the guitar intro, also the other instruments compliment it very well also. You are pretty talented indeed

The only thing I can think of doing is adding Vox, I mean seriously this is a great band sound for one person making it.

Keep up all the solid good work

P.S. This reminds me alot of the band "Ghosts and Vodka" whom are an instrumental indie-prog band. You should check them out sometime
hey thanks for the crit.....your song is a very good example of what u were trying to tell me. the speed changes along with key changes really adds to the song and i will remember to use that in my next song. thanks for the advise you are a great guitarist.10/10
Dude, it's really good. Check your PMs.
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GuitarSymphony you are my hero!
****in' sweet. I got nothing to say except; good luck you're amazing at the guitar.

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