Poll: Who Fronted Your Favorite Rainbow Era?
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Ronnie James Dio
16 94%
Graham Bonnet
1 6%
Joe Lynn Turner
0 0%
Voters: 17.
Ritchie Blackmore's brain child, Rainbow, seemed to be a magnet for legendary singers in the 70's and 80's. Over the years, three lead singers would come to them, and each would stamp his name on the face of Rock n' Roll forver. Ronnie James Dio was the first, and established Rainbow on the music scene. After Dio left to front Sabbath, he was replaced by Graham Bonnet, who, despite singing such hits as
"Since You Been Gone", failed to get the records off the shelves. The third was american singer Joe Lynn Turner, who finally brought Rainbow back into the mainstreem.

So my question to you is, what was your favorite Rainbow Era?

PS: I might have forgotten some lesser singers... let me know if I did, but I don't think I did... but I might of...
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Not a big Rainbow fan, I've only heard Dio's stuff, but Bobby ROndinelli, there is a drummer that kicks serious ass.
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Ronnie of course!
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Dio by far. Those 3 records are unbelievable.
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There is no topping the God that is Dio. The other two are respectable, but Dio has them beat by a longshot.
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Dio by a country mile. I really hate everything post-Dio Rainbow did.
You left out Doogie White, the singer for Stranger In us All 1995.
I personally like the Dio Era best particualry the Rising line up or even Long Live Rock n Roll then Doogie then Turner had some good songs but also a few bad songs and im not really a fan of the Bonnett era however i do love Eyes of the World. i just think the best live work was done with Dio but Rainbow is such an awsome band.
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Dio. Nothing Rainbow did after he left could POSSIBLY top Stargazer.
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