I know several of yall have been in bands or are currently in a band. I'm looking to put together a press kit for our band so we can start sending out packets to venues and radio stations. I was hoping to get suggestions and possibly some sample ones. I did a google search and got lots of good information but I couldnt find any sample ones to use as a templet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks, Dustin
no, like the press kits that include business cards, a cd, the resume type thing. im looking to put one together so i can send out and start booking shows myself instead of having a promoter do it for us but ive never put one together so i was looking for some kind of templette or something and some advice as well.
Used to work at a radio station and a definate no go is food stuffs (you may laugh but a lot of people seem to think it will get them noticed, we are evry paranoid people and it generally all goes in the bin along with the cds)

It is a very good idea to have any artwork or band image quite close to the finnished article so what you send in looks proffessional and 'branded'. It doesn't have to be perfect, becuase obviously any record company will spend a lot of mony on that sort of thing if they sign you, but a bit of time and investment on presenting you gig lists, biography and cd in a consistant manner will pay dividends. You should make everything have an art theme that runing through it, so if you stuff gets mixed up with other stuff, it will be easy to see what has come from your band. Distinctive.

Kits we used to receive from new signed bands from their record companies would have typically a biography presented in a small glossy booklet, what you are doing(sound busy) and what you hope to be doing, large format promo photos, the single they were promoting on cd and another ep type cd with a further 5 or 6 tracks of the bands work ( Generally I think the order was 1) 2nd best song 2) Best song (ie grab the attention) 3) possibly weaker song, hopefull listener will still be thinking about your best song, otherwise the cd is already in the bin ...etc.)

In your biog put any press appearances, you can make a little bit of stuff up (easy though, if you become famous, claiming to have cured cancer will come up on Letterman, and he'll want to see you do it!), but you need to make yourself sound interesting - give the radio station, newspaper etc something to talk about. Nothing too wild like you like to drink the blood of domestic pets, but try to find an angle to present yourself.

You need contact details obviously business card in the same theme as the rest of the material.

and a list of what you are up to, make yourself sound very busy, if you send to a radio station follow it up and ask if it has been played, any feedback.

Very best of luck.
Make sure its very easy to read and follow because the guys that read it get so many that if it requires too much thought process they'll toss it aside.

Killer tip:

Put an extra business card in so that it will fall out easily. That way it will fall on the floor when its tossed in the pile and the guy will pick it up and look at it to see what it is.
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this is very interesting, because i think i might want to start doing this. Since we are starting to get a little popular and people want to see us, and we are getting more and more shows