Poll: What's the best way to practice bass?
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View poll results: What's the best way to practice bass?
Memorize chords, scales, music theory, and read music
8 89%
Learn songs from tab
4 44%
Teach yourself from instructional books.
4 44%
Play along with records
3 33%
Voters: 9.
I've been playing bass for about 3 years and now I find it increasing hard to find a song that really challenges me and increases my skills as a player when I learn it. This thread is for any experienced bass player to share their ideas on what songs ANY intermediate bass player could use. REMEMBER: this is not a thread for BEGINNER but for INTERMEDIATE so post accordingly. I would rather see a suggestion that is too hard rather than too easy.
Teen Town? The real problem with that song is not the speed but the odd timing - the sixteenth rests, just nailing the overall feel of. It also requires some difficult fingerings.
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With respect, i simpley do not believe you. You find it hard to find a piece that challenges you? What does that mean? You can learn any song in an hour? A day? A week?

Why dont you record yourself playing some of the virtuoso bass pieces, so we can judge your level, then we can rack our brains to try and find something to challenge you, oh mighty one.

And also, your poll is bollocks. Is it about practicing bass, or learning bass?

Excuse the harsh tone - i am just getting sick of people coming on here and saying "Hey everyone, i'm so good on bass i just cant find anything that challanges me".

Prove it.


edit: and another thing, when you say you can play a song.. if you played it, would we know it was you playing it? ie, can you play it the same every time, no mistakes, perfectly? Because reaching the end of Chromatic Fantasy and going "Yes, i can play it", is not what it's about.
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