Poll: What do you feel when playing with a newbie guitarist who messes up/
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I doesn't bug me. They also need an opportunity to learn.
26 60%
It bugs me but I bite my tongue.
15 35%
I beat the hell out of them. I just can't handle it!
2 5%
Voters: 43.
Want to know what you guys think. I've been playing accoustic guitar for over 2 decades and am definitely past intermediate level. I really love jamming and gigging, but when other people join, and no offense to people who have just started out, and their timing sucks, or they don't understand dynamics in music, don't know what chords to use etc., it bugs the cr*p out of me. I used to put up with it - but I find that I can't do it anymore. I'm all for teaching and people learning, but I feel that there's a time and a place. There is nothing worse than playing with a guy who can't tune his guitar, but puts up with it, or worse - doesn't even know it's out of tune!

What I want to know is this:
Does this make me snobbish, or are there people out there who share my frustration?
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God i hate that, where they just dont know what the hell they're doing and cant keep up. VERY annoying, i just try to bring them up to speed if i can
Yea I usually jam with some of my friends, and although their cool guys they just suck at guitar. But I don't wanna be an asshole who puts down all their hopes and dreams of playin guitar so I just bite my tongue and offer positive criticism.
No I hear ya. Ive only been playing for 6 years but I am very very good for how long Ive been playing. You can't get mad at people who are new to guitar for being...well new! I definately believe that its kind of our duty to teach them something...anything really! After all, where would most of us be without the guidance of someone who was better? However on the subject of jamming; I think that the noobs should go and listen and try to see and hear what the more skilled players are doing. If they are all at a level much higher than yours, then let them play and you just learn by observing. At the end of the session ask if you can take a few minutes and try one or two songs with them. If they arent assholes they will surely say yes.
I hear what you cuz yesterday at guitar center i saw some girl on a flying V and she was trying to play songs like master of puppets, this love, a gunshot to the head of trepidation, and i could recgognize the songs but her timing was just terrible!!! It sounded like she was play the intro to enter sandman while using a metronome going at 250 bpm!! It was just horrible Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it doesn't bother me when people are that bad as long as they are trying. we all started somewhere.
Uh, doesn't bother me that much at all. We've all been there.

Then again, I only usually play by myself. And I don't like teaching, so...
My God, it's full of stars!
I hear you... It really pisses me off too. I'm all for teaching and being productive... it's just when they ignore your advice and start playing... I know guys who can't play in time and almost have spasms in their right hand when they're trying to strum/pick. It's about fluency... not accentuating notes ridiculously.

I'm such a grouch..

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Honestly, with theory I need to improve, but for tuning and regular type playing I'm decent. When there's a beginner around who just isn't good I usually like to help them a bit, although it is annoying.
it bugs me, but I don't say a word. I find a sincere smile and praise works best.
I've only been playing for about a year and 6 months now though, so it would be incredibly unfair for me to say anything. I got my first 'wow you're well good' the other day, I was very proud of myself.
I wish I had the oppurtunity to jam with more experienced guitarists, everyone I know ain't at the same standard as me...and thats saying something. I'm not that good.
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That's a lot of booze. Frankly, I'm impressed. You're of a stronger timber than the average man, jimbob! Hail you.

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Yes you should go to a doctor, fucking moron. We can't do anything about your hemorrhoid.

yes it definatley bugs me,ive also only been playing for a year and 6 months but i know alot about musical theory at least,and i also got my first wow ur very good from a more expierienced guitarist 3 days ago,big boost.i just dont like it when ppl that have absolutely no idea what they are doing want to come and jam with u,im a beginner,but at least not a hackaway
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if you are playing a gig, then dont play with people who wont compliment your skill. they will only make you look bad. if you are just jamming out, get the capo out of your ass. you were once a beginner, and i'm sure lots of people put up with you. but by all means, tell them what they are doing wrong. ignorance is bliss, but only for the ignorant. its annoying for the rest of us.
You know threadstarter, if you jammed with others when you first started out, they were probably thinking the same thing
Whenever I play with people who are better than me I feel like I learn something....and now that I've gotten pretty good at guitar it feels good to know I'm teaching others that aren't as good as me!!! For example, one of my best friends has gotten soooo much better at guitar this year b/c we've been playing together and I've been teaching him stuff....if you can get past all the, "oh man, this person sucks at guitar" feelings and focus on what you can teach the person it gets less annoying!!
We've all been there and we all still are there, there's always someone better and they probably think your bad.

Brings back this memory of when I was first starting out and my best mate taught me the chords to Wonderwall and I'd just hammer them out constantly on some squier in the music room of my secondary school (i didnt even take music ) and friends would give me proper help, tell me the timing, what strings to ring and that really helped. I would not have learnt those things if they hadn't.
Then about after that I got my first compliment from the guitarrist in my friends band who was impressed with how far I'd come and that really made me happy and gave me the drive to continue.

So always help and compliment (truthfully, dont just compliment for the sake of it.)
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