OK I didn't really know what to put in the title so I hope it got you here.I need help doing two or three string alt picking. I can do it decently slow but if I try to speed up my pick gets stuck and caught on the strings and it doesnt sound good and doesnt flow at all. I can't do it well open or palm muted either....if you don't know what I'm talking about it's like this.


Sorry I don't know how to put things in code, if someone could show my that as well?
just play it like a power chord
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uh....I think you didn't get what I was asking. I know HOW to play them but when I do my timing is horrible and my pick gets stuck between strings and I can't play them smoothly. By the way, it's really hard on up strokes is the main problem. I can do it down pretty well but coming up it's hard.

Like this

--0--0 <-------pick will get caught on either the string above this one or below it.
I angle my pick down, and I have been practicing this for a while and I can play it at slow speeds but I can't when I want to go faster.
use a metronope and practice it. start from the highest speed that u play it smoothly and every 2 minutes set the metronope 8 more bps
ok, dude i had this same problem on some songs that i played my 1st year and a half or so.

Tap your foot,use a mentranome, or get a JamMan to keep a beat so your timing is better. and also, your pick problem, mute the other 3 strings when you play the chord. that way you can play all 6 strings at once
Keep practicing, and maybe try playing closer to the bridge. The strings are stiffer there and it's easier for me to play fast chord progressions like that.
Yea these guys pretty much nailed your problem on the head. I used to have this problem too and the metronome is a God send, at first you'll be sitting there wanting to kill people because the clicks tell you to, but once you see the improvment you'll be making there will be no turning back
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Basically, I hold my pick loosely. That way my pick just "bounces" off the string, instead of ploughing through them - instead of playing the three note chord one string at a time quickly, I in essence "slap" the strings with my pick, which gives the before mentioned "bounce".

To put it another way, instead of holding the pick perpendicular to the guitar, it's sharply angled, perhaps 30 degrees from the guitar. Instead of picking straight down, I "slap" the string, and the end of the pick bends and picks the string.

You'll have to find a way that you feel comfortable with. Experiment with holding the pick, and even strumming with your fingers - that's how I first learnt, I never use to use the pick. Try strumming with your fingers by only moving your wrist, and perhaps transfer it over to a pick.
there is also a way to "cheat" altough i dont recommed this methood here it is:
tune you guitar half a tone lower then what u need then put a capo on 1st fret.. my friend showed me this method because he is lazy to practice.
now your strings should be much closer to the fretboard
i mute the rest of the strings with my left hand the just hit them all.....but ima bass player so that might be wrong but it help me with power chord struming