Hey guys, my brother started having drum lessons and his drum tutor is sponcerd by yamaha - he has told us that we can have any yamaha gear we want
so im using this chance to get a new guitar.
i dont know much about yamaha guitars, my local music shop hasnt got any so im looking to u guys.

i play mostly metal - metallica, seether, rammstein, lacuna coil, muse, bullet for my valentine. if the sound isnt spot on it dont matter i can always change the pickups
as long as there not that much money.

HUMBUCKERS, minimum 1 at the bridge. the others can be but not limited to single humbuckers (e.g hotrail type)

floyed rose type/tremalo system, i love trems and at the mo i have a les paul so i dont have one

STYLE - super strat style like an ibanez JEM sorta shape with the horns

i realize this is probably be a shot in the dark but it IS going to be free so what the hell lets make the best of it.

thank you very much for any help

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thats sick, but dude my drummer told me yamaha drums are like way up there in top notch drums, why dont you get some of those and sell them and get whatever the hell kinda guitar you want. Did he say you could have one thing that was anything or did he not specifiy how many things>?
This will probably be your best bet, plus its got diMarzio's in it already...
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id suggest either the
or one i was thinkign of buying
dude, that is awesome i would ask him for a drum set and a guitar
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Get the most expensive model, sell it and buy a guitar you want.

Edit: Since it will be in mint condition, you should get top prices for it.
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damn, i want to meet this guy!
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I would suggest he give you a complete, kick-ass P.A. system, with all the accessories needed for the absolute best live sound
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I would suggest he give you a complete, kick-ass P.A. system, with all the accessories needed for the absolute best live sound

thats a good idea!