Ive got a £100 ( $184) lying around and i want a new guitar pedal. i dont know wot to get coz i have a set up im happy with i just want to buy another one for fun. give me suggestions of wot are good pedals in this price range, i dont have a specific function i want the pedal to do i just want some new to play with
You can get prettymuch any pedal apart from the boutique stuff in that pricerange
Try an envelope filter or a sythesizer pedal.
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yeah but i dont know which one to get i was wondering if ppl have cool pedals that i could go out an buy
well tell us what you do have then we can suggest an addition to your rig
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Can you run to an Electro Harmonix Flanger Hoax? That looks to me like something you could never get bored with.
what make i need to know like models coz im itching to buy sumfin just dont know wot i'll consider ne thing
I've been having a lot of fun with the Digitech Whammy if you do a lot of lead stuff. I borrowed a friends for a while, and missed it when I gave it back so I had to get one for myself.
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my prs custom 22 into a boss ns-2 boss ds-1 with keely mod - uber metal for heavier sound - big muff- marshal supervibe - marshall echo head i dont need flanger or tremelo i have a muti effects for them
1) Go into guitar store
2) Mess around with guitar pedals for an hour or two
3) Buy something that you think sounds cool
Zvex Fuzz factory, electro harmonix HOG, vox wah, MXR 10-band EQ, Maxon OD9 ... I like those pedals!
Go into a shop, try stuff out, buy what you like.

That's all we can tell you really, we can't suggest random things because you might not like them.
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if you play acoustic-electric, buy a phaser ooo if you dont have a pedal tuner buy one. And a vox wah. Oh a gonkulator. And a digital delay, and a big muff, and a small clone, and a new car.
if its just for fun, if you dont have one (you dont) a wah, whammy, or i would opt for an E-BOW!! ftw. maybe also a synth pedal or picup of some kind, but i just like synth-y things.

a pedal tuner for a good price would be pretty good too.
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