OK so I've pretty much decided between these two guitars. I play alot of hardcore/metal stuff through a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Half Stack. I'll give a few things that I like about each. Also keep in mind that I'm changing the pickups to PAF Pro and X2N, so I'd like a good guitar, but definitely don't want to pay for the pickups. I hope that makes since... basically I just want to pay a higher price for the guitar and not the pickups, because I'll be changing them. So here they are:



5-piece through neck
no pickguard


it's not a prestige

Ibanez RG2550EGK


it's a prestige
pickup configuration is nice, but not a must
comes with free case
light body


finish (from pictures I've seen)
not thru-neck
a bit pricey (plus I'd have to replace an extra pickup)

So as you can see, I'm set on 24 frets and some sort of Edge Pro. Also, the finish is major to me, if it weren't for the RG1570's finish, I would totally go for it. I guess I'm in kind of a bad habit of judging things by price so I'd appreciate anyone's input.
the rgt you mention doesnt have the good trem. And neck thru doesnt make that much of a difference really and i played the rg2550 the other day and it kicked ass so i'd say go to the rg2550! Plus the stock pickups are actually very nice on the rg2550 they are real dimarzios just custom designed for ibanez, there not everyones cup of tea but i really like them.
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theyre not real dimarzios there designed by dimarzios even then they still pretty weak compared to real dimarzios. and neck thru doesnt mean **** if you break your neck. also most of the dislikes are cosmetic.
yeah i know they're cosmetic. but I told you that was kind of a big deal :\.
I suggest a RG1570, its in your price range, has no pickguard and has 24 frets. The trem is exellent too. The stock pickups would still suck though.

Edit: Woops, didnt read your post too well, whats so bad about the finish?
Oh yeah, now that you think about it, it does look like glitter . I suggest going for a Jackson Dinky or Soloist then? Although the trem will not be too great.
yeah the thing about the jacksons, is that i think i would quite possibly be paying for the pickups there. i have emgs now in my fender fat strat so basically i just want a *relatively* cheap ibanez to replace the pickups in. and when i say cheap i mean like.. $750-$900?
hmm it's a possibility. i have checked that one out btw. you know what i reallllly wish i could afford is like the rgt320 or something, it has a beautiful quilted maple top and.. idk it's great. but if i wanted to pay $2000.. or if i could pay $2000 i would just go for a JEM. So I guess you guys agree that the prestiges are worth it? i don't know, I thought the only difference were that they are made in japan and not korea.
Yes, prestiges are worth it in my opinion.. MIJ just 'feels' better to me than MIK.. Really. But thats preference so you'll have to see for yourself plus the free case is so lovely, haha :P

And the RG1570 isnt as glittery as you should think from the pics.. When I play a gig people in the audience dont even notice its glittery until ill show them the guitar in the case afterwards (from close).. So if you're a little scared of the glitters, dont worry, it aint that bad man. And the guitar is amazingly great, hehe (I own one as you can probably guess from this post, lol.)
Idk... it just seems that everytime I find an Ibanez that seeems to have the right specs, just ONE thing goes wrong. Usually the finish. But I was looking at those RG1820s or something I think and everything's great except that they have piezo's or some MIDI things in them. Whats up with those?
GO for the prestige 2550 i just bought an rg 2550 Ex VBB the blue one they discontinued and its amazing. Pay the extra money to get the prestige. Ibanez makes such good guitars to start out with but the prestiges step it up a level.

the pickups you probably wont need to replace ( i didnt) unless your a tone freak or your going to record an album. The finish on the RGT is gay its kin of purple and its not shiny or glossed its flat.

go to www.ibanez.com/forum or something and check for pictures of the 2550. the black galaxy looks amazing its an amazing finish when you hold it in different lights.

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The dimarzio/ibz pickups are fine, they're not to everyones taste but i like them and they're definatly made by dimarzio NOWHERE on the ibanez site does it say "designed by dimarzio" if you look on the ibanez site it says
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DiMarzio¨ IBZ Pickups
IBZ pickups are made by DiMarzio¨ in the United States exclusively for Ibanez guitars. Harmonically alive with medium high output, DiMarzio¨ IBZ's were made specifically for hard and heavy rock guitar styles.:
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The finish on the RGT is gay its kin of purple and its not shiny or glossed its flat.


had it ever occured to you that some people like that?

I own a RGT42DXFMTLF and I love it. I've had no problems with the trem, and the thru-body design does make a difference. it's the nicest guitar I've ever played by far.

and I LOVE the finish. lovely matte, quilted maple finish.. mahogany body.. drool. unfortunately, it's not as purple as I thought it would be, but I guess most of you ignorant retards prefer it that way because for some inexplicable reason you think purple is somehow homosexual. whatever.

and for the record, that 2550 is one of the ugliest Ibanez guitars I've seen.
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I just bought the rgt a couple weeks ago. Didn't know what to buy between the rgt and rg1570.

1. rgt's wood is better...and you can't change the wood

2. the rg1570 prestige neck is not REALLY better than the rgt.

3. Neck-thru is awesome

4. The trem on the rg1570 is better but the edge pro 2 is really nice too if you make sure that it's correctly installed

5. I prefer the Rgt's pickup

All in all the only 'problem' of the RGT is the tremolo...and you can change it if you really hate it ' I don't' for an edge pro.
^ Yes it IS better lol. It makes that much of a difference. Prestige>wizard 2

Rgts wood is NOT better, thats preference.... RG V series are better than the crap ones on the RGT what you smoking? And whether the edge pro 2 is correctly instaled or not, knife edges will probably wear out soon, although im not to familiar with the edge pro 2 so im going by what ive heard.
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