well that fate full time has come where u have to change the srings on your double locking floyd rose. and i can never do it right. i have an ibanez rgt42 and every time i change the srings the bridge drops lower into the guitar and i have to keep geting that fixed so any ideas on how to stop that from happening ?? the proper way to change the strings ??? help
change one at a time, replacing it with a new string, so it stays in the same position. At some point, you can adjust how the bridge is sitting by adjusting the trem claw in the back. If the bridge is pulling up, you can loosen the spring claw so the strings have more tension and pull the bridge back down. If it's going down towards the neck, you can tighten the spring claw so the spring tension pulls the bridge back down against the strings.
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When you change them all at once, you should put something between the body and the bridge to keep it in place.
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Depends on the gap, stuff something in here,

9v batteries, erasers, blocks, anything that you can grab and thats not damaging. Replace the string 1 by one and then tune up until the stuff becomes loose, or drop by itself.
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