Alrighty, I have a tone port which came with Gearbox.
So, I recently found out about Guitar Rig, which apprently is a hell of a lot better then Gearbox, so I downloaded it, and by the looks of the guitar rig , it's wayy better then Gearbox. But I don't know how to use the Toneport and the Guitar Rig together, anybody know how? or can help me with me?
OK, not being a gearhead I am not familiar with a toneport. But to use Guitar Rig properly you need to get your guitar into your software via a soundcard with very little, or even better zero latency. If you have a Mac it comes with one installed. If you have a PC, try getting an external USB card, like an Edirol. I use an Edirol with my Macs for all the extra stuff it gives me. After that, tell GR to use the souncdard of choice in the prefs and it just works. It's very simple.