i need an amp for a friend that's:
under $500 USD
Sounds great with indie, rock, alternative type genres
no bells and whistles
(nice bottom end would we good too)

it doesn't have to be loud but that would help
get a fender!
i have a fender deluxe 112 plus (theyre kinda rare) buts its the best amp i have EVER played
i guess one that it basically the same is the fender Stage 112 SE
or get a deluxe reverb
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You could get a Peavey Valve King or a used Classic 30 for that price. Maybe a used Traynor combo. Though the Fender Deluxe would have better cleans, any of these amps would have a better drive channel.
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yea^ the distortion isnt that great, but i use a distortion pedal
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Classic 30
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