Another Song.

This one was born from a 4:00 am jam, and it was finished that morning. It's not ment to stand alone as an instrumental, so it might be a little repetitive. We have some lyrics working with it so it should come out nice. It's just a simple straight forward rock song.

Edit: This was also my first time using GP5 for a song.
Hey, I liked this song pretty well overall. It did get a little repetitive but these style of songs always sound repetetive without hearing the vocals. And when drums are added it could sound a lot more fast paced. I've heard some of your other songs, I liked them more than this one but this one is still good.

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I'm sorry, but I didn't like this. Even if vocals and drums were added, it would still seem repetitive. However, the pre-chorus sounded good to me, and the solo was pretty good. The breakdown didn't really seem like a breakdown to me, but more of a build up.

Overall, it was ok. Just too repetitive to me.

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I thought this fell into it's genre quite well, it just fit in though, and that isn't always good. It just didn't have anything really new to it at all... nothing special and interesting to hold my attention for long. The solo was too slow for my taste, it just sounded bland, yet it still fit in well with the song... so I'm not sure what to tell you. I'd really recomend you explore some variation in the song, just have your lead try new harmonies durring the chorus octaves and add some fills for color. One last thing, whats with the sweeping arpeggion at the end?
I'll get a midi up. The sweeps were just something I did that I wanted to tab out.
notice how most of the song was straight 16th notes? its kinda grating.
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i like the solo but i think it would sound better if you play the higher octave of A minor.