Well, here's the result of my first time trying to overlap tracks (using the high-definition recording technology of Windows Sound Recorder ). For the most part it's fine; the second track is behind just a little bit, but you can only notice it right when it first comes in.
It's just this little Spanish-esque piece that I wrote a few months ago and was finally bored enough to record it. Pretty neat little song (Note: It's short ). Hopefully it plays from here (I've had bad luck posting covers in the past).
So, without further adieu, here it is:
Dance of the Gypsies

Let me know what you think!
that was actually kinda cool... not flamenco esque by a long shot... but i don't know the proper term for it so i'll let it slide << >>
I agree with what was said generally above.

Russian sounding, but cool..not flamenco by a long shot though.

That is cool though as I don't think you were intentionally going for a FLamenco sound, you just mis labelled your song as Flamenco :P