This is my first attempt at writing a song for guitar and at using power tabs.
It is a metal song but I have no Idea what sub genera it would fit in Death, power black, ect. I have been playing guitar for maybe five months and wanted to write something that I could play so it is pretty simple. I am still not really satisfied with the intro and I'm not sure if the bridge and the breakdown are labeled right Comments suggestions and criticism is more than welcome.

fist song.zip
That was really good for a first song. Especially for how long you've been playing. The only problem was the solo was really long. It got boring after awhile. Change up the rhythm. Don't make it just straight 8th notes.
i wasnt even gonna look at this cuz it was ur first powertab and i just cant stand what sum people think is good enuff to post but im thoroughly impressed. for five months of playing this is DAMN good song writing. the solo was boring, it wasnt so much that it was too long but u stayed in the same area of the fret board the whole time. run around a bit and use a little rhythm, some slides maybe, bends, trills, use the whammy bar if u can, just sumhting to make the solo really sing

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Could you put up a midi file? I dont have powertab.
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pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show
That was definitely good for a first attempt. I never wrote songs even close to that good until I was about a year and a half into playing, so you're way ahead of me. Good work overall, and it kind of sounds like the robot chicken theme at parts if you've ever seen that show... anyways, 9/10 nice work!

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The song as a whole? Great. The solo? Bland.

Add trills, tremolo, slides, h/p, whatever, just spice it up a bit.
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This was a pretty good song overall, especially for a first. The bass was well done and the guitars had some pretty sweet riffs and leads. The only problem was it has the same kind of rhythm through the whole song, which makes it seem too boring, in my opinion.

Keep it up, I bet you'll be making some pretty sweet songs soon.

Feel free to crit any of mine if you'd like.
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pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show
i liked the leads, the solo was boring after a while, and a little long, and i would definatly add some chunkier rhythm, give it some more balls, lol, but good song, crit any of mine if you get a chance, thanks, there in my sig
i do not believe youve been playing for 5 months... something is fishy and how do you know how to use PT that well
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Perhaps I wasn?t clear with my description although this is the first song I made with power tabs I've been using the program to learn others song and write down some other riffs I came up with but this was my first attempt at a song. Its not like I downloaded power tabs and made this song immediately after. Besides power tabs is a pretty straight forward program and easy to use Along as you know some simple theory, I've been playing Bariton for seven years (since the end of Ellementrey school I m still kinda bad at it though because i never realy practice much any more) years trombone for a good three years so I?m pretty good at simple stuff but I never tried to right a full song before.
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