Lets say you had a 5-way pick selector...thing. Is there a way you could make an effects switch as well? Or lets say you just had 1 pick in the bridge or 1 in bridge and 1 in neck. Could you make the far right/far left for pick-ups and the middle for effect as well? I.E. 1 being far right and 5 being far left. 3 could be a phaser, 2 could be overdrive and 4 could be delay. Is that possible?
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It depends on the switch and wether your using didgital or analog effects but even if it works it wouldnt be true bypass. I had always thought about building a guitar with onboard effects. If thats what you want to do just go with DPDT toggle switches.

EDIT common sense just kicked in if you had it on lets say 1 for the neck pickup and went to switch to a phaser it would take it off of the neck pickup to just a dead signal. You would have to go to two different switches so yea just use the toggles.
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To the threadstarter:

Yes it is possible, but:
A) Is it worth it? You'll need to take more wood out of your guitar to fit the electrics all in
B) The idea of incorporating it into the 5-way pickup selector switch isn't worth the effort in my opnion. I would have extra switchs so that you could have all these effects on at the same time if needs be.
C) The overdrive built into the guitar is not such a bad idea, but the phaser and delay is very hard to make yourself, you need complicated digital circuitary for the delay or confusing op-amp stuff for the phaser.
D) It's easier to step on a pedal to turn it on rather than stop playing for a fraction of a second and flick the switch.

If you want an overdrive built in, there are those black ice (i think thats what they're called) or you can always make a home brew one, i coule give u some links to some homebrew ones u could make.

So theres my 2c