ok so i got a B-52 AT 100 a couple weeks ago, and i've been working my way through all the features and tone controls and everything. One of the features it has is a switch that you can change between 3 modes: tube A, tube AB, and solid state. Now, im not gonna ask what the difference between the modes are because i can just play with it and figure that out for myself. My only question is, can i switch back and forth between modes with the amp on or should i turn it off whenever i want to switch it? Since i started messing around with it ive always been turning the amp off before i switch modes just to be safe, but is this really needed?
i would also be interested in hearing what settings other people who own this amp use. anyone else who has this amp wanna give me some ideas?
well yeah im sure there's no problem with switching the amp off. i was just wondering if i have to do this anytime i want to switch modes