ok im thinking about starting guitar lessons as ive reached as far as i can go teaching myself, my question is what should i take apart from the obviouse ie. guitar and how much should i expect to pay?

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Lesson are usually fairly pricey but if you let that turn you away you'll miss out bigtime. (quality) Lessons are the best thing you can do besides practicing.
The average of my guitar lessons is about $10 for a half an hour. So I would say $20-25 an hour.
definatly get some, that's all i can say. Expect about 20-25 an hour like said above, but i'd do some research on the guy by talking to some friends, make sure he has an intrest in the music you play (dont find some guy who all he likes it classical when you play heavy metal), im sure that guy will teach you, but im sure he wont enjoy it as much and might not be having fun, and chances are if he's not having fun then you probibally aren't ether. .
my teacher is a huge rush/old u2 fan, but still likes playing the modern stuff i like to play and really has fun with it, so it makes it more enjoyable for me.
Bring a pick, maybe a strap if you use one, and your guitar. And be ready to play something off the top of your head.