i need something near identical to gearbox or guitar rig but is free. So something which can still do all those amp sims, cab sims, effects, all that and still have a nice user interface.

to be more precise, i need something which will make a DI recording sound half decent.

something that's free with that features is impossible
but i'll send you a pm with suggestions
Hold my breath
as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me
I recently acquired the M-Audio Jamlab USB interface.

You plug in the USB interface which has AN input Jack for your Guitar as well as a Headphones out.

Once You install it, you have access to many effects such as:

Auto Wah

Also, you can record with it. It also comes with a "play along" type feature, which enables you to add mp3s to the Jamlab playlist and play along with it. It also comes with free mp3 drim loops and samples from Proesessions, so you can jam along with that too.

The interface is very good, simple and looks good. Here is a basic screenshot I just took for you:



You can chain up to 8 different effects.

To listen to what it sounds like, Go to my thread " Neoclassical sounding solo and Black Metal Song" on the Recordings Board, and listen to it there..as I recorded them using this peice of software.