Long time no see s+l, crit for crit.

So we just lay and bided are time.
My hand in your hair and your hand on mine.
my arm wrapped losely around your waist.
Your lips on mine, my favorite taste.
Its dark, and we both share it together
Comfortable and solitude, if you asked me when to leave i'ld say never.
You felt the same way as me, and thats something i knew.
Because why sleep as one, when you can sleep as 2?
Although time diddnt matter to us, to everyone else it did.
So we just went in your room, slamed the door pulled the light away and hid.
For once in my life everything was numb except the feeling of you.
Because why sleep as one when you can sleep as 2?
We just lay, we star-gazed into your ceiling.
And i tried to get across to you just how i was feeling.
But before that happend, time expired.
And with the knock on your door i retired.
I pulled away from the bed and away from your hips.
I chanced being late just to graze your lips.
You stayed to do your hair altohugh to me you were perfect.
I went down and got ready, i diddnt want to do it.
And we last grazed lips and whispered to eachover "I love you"
Tonight im sleeping as one, But i'ld give it all to make it 2.
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