Please critique my lyrics and don't steal them. This one follows the rules.

You there sitting pensively in thought
I need you more than you could ever know
I wish you'd be more open with me
Just tell me what you have on your mind
I try to get closer and closer to you
But you seem each time to push me further away
Take my hand in yours and lead me where you will
I hope I don't sound presumptuous but I love you

I'm here for you
Dont worry, got a problem, I'm right there by your side
You need me, just call me, You know that I am here for you
I'll be the one for you to lean on when you need a hand
Just reach out, I'm waiting, And just know I am here for you

So take your worst fears and throw them at me
I'll help you, protect you, don't worry I am here for you
So tonight come over and you can spend the night
I will wipe your tears away I will make it right
All I need is for you to be right by my side
Just tell me why I'm wrong I'll do my best to make it right
So listen gently as you slip off your clothes
Tonight were together, I'm here for you always

You're here tonight and it feels so right and I don't want you to leave but I'm afraid you might
Just know I'm here for you whenever you need me
Open up to me and you'll see I'll help you through anything
You got a problem with me, tell me, I'l change it for you
Because you know, you know, you know, you know I am here for you

I'm here for you
I'm here for you

Together we'll face the world cuz I am here for you