Does anyone know what kind of circuit i need to use for a chorus pedal build?
Or at least, can anyone explain me what I need the circuit to do for the chorus effect?
A bucket bridge delay chip and a clock chip for it (for an analog chorus), or you could probably do it with a digital DSP chip of some kind.

chorus explained:

there is a project for a Boss CE2 on www.tonepad.com (you just have to find a place to buy the ICs used as they are rather rare)

I'd advise against building something like this unless you know what you're doing (relatively....)
My brother is an electric engineer so he will help me to know what I'm doing lol.....

I only want the delaying chorus effect with a very small change in the pitch of the wave.....
Chours are hard dude. You'd be better off buying one. But if you want to, you can always do it.