are carved tops the same as archtops? the thing is a was checking out soloists and i thought that in the future i would like that shape with an archtop, tremelo, and emgs. The thing is that some dinky's are exactly the same, and i'm just researching now. I was also considering going custom with warmoth, because i know they have archtop soloist bodies
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A carved top is just that-a carved top on a solidbody guitar. Most Les Pauls are carved top guitars. The Les Paul Standard is an example.

And archtop guitar is semi-hollow or a full hollowbody. Epiphone Dot's and Casinos are two examples of Archtop guitars.

As for Warmoth, yes, you can get the custom parts you need, but they'll be pricy. I was looking on there a while back and it was going to cost me ~$1400 to make a basic Les Paul Junior styled guitar. And that was before hardware and wiring.

Look at the Washburn X50FE. It has the shape you want, a carved top, and EMG's in it. It doesn't have a trem system though. There may be some Schecters that are the shape you want and have a trem, but I'm not sure.

Hope that helps you out.

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