anyone have any opinions on this guitar?


i just ran across it on musicians friend and it looked pretty cool (i like the cherry finish the best) so i decided to look into it. everything i've seen has said its really, really good for the price, and that it just needs a set-up when you get it. and that's not hard.

i figure for only $150 might as well give it a try. giving it a set-up is no big deal. and id be willing to change the pickups if i decide it needs it (which it probably would)
Go ahead and get it, and report back to us.

If you decide to change the pickups, you would be in for a ****-filled time of no fun and stress. Hollowbodies and pickup switches don't mix.
oh really? ive never had a semi-hollow, didn't know it was hard. oh well, i still think i might get it
i have a peavey jf1 and it is like way cool, check it out on the peavey website , i got the red
I used to own one of those, I got it set up and threw some new pickups in it, and it played pretty sweet.

It wasn't long until it just ended up sitting in the case for a while and I sold it though, I guess I just prefer my Solid Bodies.
DONT buy this guitar, if you do i shall fly over to America , find where you live and do things to you. Save for an Ibanez

EDIT: your going to buy a better model later anyway, that is a cheap rip off of a Epipi Casino, get an Ibanez Artcore, they're only like 100 more that, they are origonal and fantastic jazz boxes
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^haha, well im not getting this to be my main guitar. i actually wasnt in the market for a new guitar at all. i just saw it and it looked cool, plus i've never had a semi-hollow. so i thought for $150 i might just get it on a whim. but i brought it here first just to see what others thought of it
I do have this guitar & it's huge bang-for-the-buck. It's well worth it's price.