naaaah mate....thats a sign you were wankin too much last night.....

*long silence*

yer jokes.... anyways look at johnny greenwood's arm...even tho thats something totally different....i just had to mention him
i dont but probably should on my right wrist at least
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Having sex in a pool full of jello? How strangely erotic. No, not just any sex, butts-*gets shot*

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I think I may have pulled something in my left wrist... never had sharp pains like that before.

Could be because of trying to stretch my hand so much ? ****ing small hands...damnit.
Maybe you slept on your hand last night which is a big no-no because it cuts off circulation to that area, its also how Dave Mustaine injured his arm, by sleeping on it.
I've never heard of anyone doing that......I guess, if the pain keeps up and you're sure it's guitar playing, go for it.
Well what I've heard was for not just guitar playing, anything that requires the use of the hands basically, like using a computer, doing things at work is to keep the wrist straight and solid to prevent arthritis or tendonitis or something.

I don't even know what bar chords are; but I am trying to stretch out my fingers as much as I can to play F, C, and G major chords. I also try out the use of different fingers to suit me more.
I dont, and never will.
86% of the people who frequent the "Electric Guitar" forum would say that they have played guitar for under 5 years.
I used to get pain in my wrists when I would play for more than an hour when I first started.

Give it time and whenever you start to get hurt stop for the day. Eventually your wrist will get stronger.
Use proper technique in any movement you do that has a possibliity of injury. When you strengthen up those muscles and connective tissues you can use worse and worse technique until you can thrash like a punk guitarist and not hurt yourself.. Kinda is common sense. Relying on a 'wrist support' will slow or stop the development of the muscles and connective tissues that are used in playing guitar (or bass.. or drums.. or whatever), and you will never strengthen them. Later in life you will experience injury.