Im thinking of buying a les paul standard from this website, is this the best one?
I dont think i ever heard of that site
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His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren.
His name isnt Warren?
I thouht his name was Warren?

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whats wrong with metal, has this website been taking over by power chording, girl pants wearing, emos?"
Yeah it has a good reputation, but after my guitar arrived damaged today in the post (and it was ordered from Harrods, of all places) I'm not going to be buying one I can't collect, inspect and bring back home with me again.
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Well Thomann is a long way to post it back if you live outside of Germany, have you tried any of the big domestic online guitar retailers? I've ordered stuff from www.musicstreet.co.uk and www.giggear.co.uk . Musicstreet had free delivery but took forever, and Giggear was fast but is generally a little more expensive.
Love is not a victory march.
They are amazing... I ordered my lap steel from them... shipping to UK only 10 euros..!

I had it on my doorstep within the week... and if you chosse to ring them you're straight through to a relaxed German with better english than the plebs we get here, who knows what he's talking about and doesn't have to put you through to anyone while you're stuck listening to shitty coldplay re-runs...

Anyway, yes... Great people... Great prices...