Right, at the money I'm using a Fender Deluxe 900 amp (90W) and I'm connecting it to my Boss GT-8 via the 'power amp in' jack on the amp. Now what this does is it disables the functions on the amp so i can turn the volume up and down on the amp and nothing would happen and the same goes for all the other functions so I control everything using the GT-8. So I was wondering if I was to get a stack, would I have to get a head or would I be able to connect the GT-8 straight to the cabs and use it the same way I am with my Fender amp at the moment. Any help will be greatly appriciated!
Dave Tither
You still need a power amp that amplifies the signal so its strong enough to drive to speakers.

But yeah, you could use it the way you're using it now (most heads have an effect loop)...though the half of the point in buying a head is for the better sound you get from the preamp section (and you could just use use Boss for delays and stuff like that)...

if you want to just amplify the output from guitar directly into the Boss GT8 try plugging it directly into a PA system
^ yeah, what he said.

But crate do a very very small head for around £140 (i believe) that is enough to drive your cabs without coloring your GT-8 too much.

However, I wouldn't really reccomend plugging straight to the PA as mentioned above - monitors just dont give you enough power and you wont really be able to pick your guitar out and hear yourself the same way as you would with an amp. Amps give you some more 'power' behind your sound as well.
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