First off, this isn't a thread complaining on how I can't do Pinch Harmonics or me complaining about my gear. I can do Pinch Harmonics just fine but I do them in a weird way. Instead of picking the string and them hitting it with my thumb I put my pick behind the string and my thumb infront of it and pinch the string. When I do this it sounds like normal pinch harmonics and I can play them clearly at each fret with the same speed I have while picking normally. My questions are does anybody else do this, and should I try to learn them the normal way?
thats what i do to, i never really got how to do them right, but i say what everworks works for me
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As long as you're comfortable and it works, who cares if it's the "right way" or not. Just keep doing it like you are.
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my mate thought that was how you do them but couldnt get the sound properly cause he was asking me how you actually do them. i think its just easier in terms of not having to change your grip on the pick with the "normal" method and is easier to be more fluent in your playing. in my opinion anyways
probably because solos are harder like ur way because i started out that way but changed
what is the normal method? ive never really gotten a straight answer about how to do pinch harmonics.
i do them differently. i taught ymself, and never thought of a right way or wrong way untill i saw that video.
somoene wondered how i did them, and i took a picture and explained.

ignore the error its supposed to say "pick"
its good because i dont have to move the pick, and it sounds just the same
I do them normally i guess using my thumb to pinch and all that. but somtimes i get a harmonic in the middle of a solo were it doesnt belong

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