okies yee have completely crushed me just there, i was asking about getting a kh202 or a les paul custom... and yee compeletly broke me donw

so i wanna buy a guitar...wanna spend bout E700 euro...i want it to be best i can buy rely...

an suggestions???

please dont tell me of things i cant afford

and if u can leave a link for me!

havent got a clue what you mean mate with the opening sentance am guessing your scottish. if you are, i have a house there. try www.gak.co.uk its usually quite cheap for things. i reccomend a ibanez or a tokai if you want a les paul but i dunno if gak sell tokais.

good hunting young one
haha, awesome.

rg1570, and if you have any cash left, change the pickups.

EDIT: some of the lag guitars are quite nice too- but I don't know if any of them have (good) locking trems (in your price range).
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