Right i've had my guitar a little over a year now. i've made an effort to learn how the things built and actually works etc aswell as learn how to play it but this subject has me stumped.

the guitar is if you must know an Aria STG-003DX, put simply a cheap strat. beleve me i'd love to fix all my problems by going out and buying a telecaster or something but i'm not made of money.

the guitar came with and seems to suit very slinky strings around the order of the ernie ball super slinkies but i find myself much more at ease with ernie balls skinny top heavy bottom strings. after a while though i noticed that retuning became a real mission. basically what happens is that when you retune one string the others all move in the opposite direction slightly. so for example when tuning from standard to drop D retuning the E string pushes all the other 5 up by about 15-20 cents. My solution so far has been to tune the D about 17 or 18 cents to high but i wanna know how to fix it.

i was told by someone who really knew their stuff that i need to adust my bridge but i didn't really understand him and i dont know him and will never see him again.
the change in guage at the low E string is huge here, form a 42 to a 52 guage but i just don't understand how to make the changes and i dont seem to know enough of the terminology to find the instructions on the internet.

any help would be much appreciated fellows,

do you use your tremelo? if not you can block it off and this wouldnt happen really whilst changing strings..... up to you?
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it might be too late to tell u...

but when restringing your guitar completely (especially with a higher gauge).....
u need to replace the low E string, tune ALL strings, then change the A, tune ALL strings, and so on....

that way the stress on the neck is brought on slowly and will insure that pesky tuning problems wont come up

hope i helped
er sorry gonna ask a stupid question here but which bit is the tremelo?