Epi Classic quilt top, Plain top, Limited Edition Standard Plus $499 from Musicians Friend, or a Tokia from a Canadian Ebay vendor with $24 shipping.
Just brought a Tokai for £250, don't know how much that is in dollars, but they are gd imotations and close to epiphones or gibsons les pauls, or one of the best imotations, sounds good, looks good, and feels good.
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lots on this page, agiles are supsoed to be quite decent to for the money
I'll add another vote to Agile..take a look at the AL3000 and AL3500
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i always thott that epis were better than agiles, i think they are, are they... seriously....
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Tokai LPs from the 80s regularily fetch $1000 and up on ebay. They were sued by Gibson b/c theyre just as good for half the price. These are Korean made which is better quality than Chinese made Epiphones, the body is all mahogany vs. the Epi alder/mahogany sandwich and its a real LP shape which the Agile is far from, it even has a Gibson shaped headstock which the Epi doesnt. They arent allowed by law to be sold in USA in a deal with Gibson which is why Americans have to buy them from Canada. For $500 you cant buy a better paul period.
An ebony Epiphone Les Paul Standard is usually $380. If you get it, however, change the pickups! I tried it out at a store and the sound wasn't what I thought it would be.
You can easily get a genuine Gibson Les Paul Special for 400ish on ebay, you can also get a studio for about 700ish. The ticket is being patient, and looking for mislisted guitars.
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