how much power do u want? with under $400 u're limited to small tubeys. peavey valvekings go for $400 though...
Really the question is, are there tube amps under $400 considered to be the best of something?
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the valvatronix isnt tube...

i'd say the Blues Jr but it depends what you're using it for (BJ for rock and blues)
yea the valvatronix is a hybrid amp

i'd save more money
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Vk then. and get a booster pedal for heavier stuff. ull just barely get to early tallica stuff though (kill em all stuf)
yeah the valvetronix isnt a tube amp, at least not all tube. i think it has like one tube in the preamp thingy but it wont sound like a genuine tube amp.
The Vk is unreliable and often has problems (ive also heard that it sounds like a SS amp...)

I'd just get the BJ
you should look into a peavey ultra 60. you can get one for around 200-300 and it sounds badass