If you haven't already guessed, I'm looking to purchase an Ibanez Iceman.

But I was wondering which one would be best to buy.

So I would appreciate it if you could all say what's good about each one and what makes them better than the rest, making comparisons so I can pick the right one for me.

Ic200 - old version
ICX200 - compressed version of IC400
IC400 - Deluxe Version of all!!!!!!!!!!

don't get the icx200, you will regret it.

Oh yea, if you live in Hong Kong, don't you dare buy the IC400, it's mine! If you buy that, i am going to seriously shoot you.
ic400 then put a hot pickup in the bridge

EDIT: i've played the 300 and the 400. the 300 was pretty good. had a nice body and neck feel. the 400 was a step up feature/cosmetic-wise. and since the 300 is discontinued, go with the 400.

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The IC300 is a baritone.

IC400, with locking tuners, EMG Pickups, D'addarios or Elixirs (.011s or.012s) and it will scream the words metal.
yea, i was about to get it soon, but again, delay of plans, i won't be getting it anytime soon, actually i really don't know when i will be getting the IC400.