what are some really dissonant chords and what are the notes that are usually in them?

Like a root and a minor second or whatever.
The opening chord to "Bleak"-Opeth is rather dissonant.

Try maj7#11 or maj7b5 chords. Metheny uses them a fair amount, actually. I find them to be rather beautiful...in a slightly dissonant sort of what.

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Root, Flat third, flat fifth, doubly flat seventh (6th interval, but considered a doublly flat seven)

Can't really beat that with just 4 notes.
wh ywould you want to know?

Chromatics soudnquite dissonant any note that is outisde the the scale of the key your playing in will sound weird.

Just fiddle around. it won't take long to find some although some will only sound dissonant when in a context
augmented chords are considered dissonant...an augmented chord consists of a root, major third, and augmented fifth

diminished chords are also dissonant...they contain a root, minor third, and diminished 5th
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Augmented, diminished...most anything with a tritone interval in it.

pretty much what he said

(tritone is a diminished 5th/augmented 4th btw)
Youtube covers

the tritone
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