I am in need of your assistance in the matter of choosing pickups for la Guitara. The Guitar in question would be an Epiphone LP standard plain top and I am probably going for Duncan pups in it. The sound I want to produce would be some kind of hybrid between GnR/Velvet Revolver, Turbonegro (think Apocalypse Dudes) and Queens of the Stone Age.

I will probably won't go as heavy as QotSA pretty much at all but just a little in that direction if ye guys see what I mean. I know the JB/Jazz combination is very popular and would probably suit rather well, but according to the sound tests on SD:s site I just love the Bridge sound for Alnico 2 Pro and the JB sound a little too thick, would an APH/Jazz combination work out or would the APH be too weak?

All suggestions appreciated, and ask if you don't understand wtf I'm writing (not native english speaker). Thanks in advance.
How Loud do yo uplan on going? like gigging or personal use? If your nto gigging the APH should be fine but if you plan on gigging you migh tneed something with more power in it.
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