OmG.... U GuYz R SoOoOo STUPID. U GuYz LiStEn 2 PuNk RaWk. PuNk RaWk SuCKs SoOoOo muCh DonKEE BaLLs. U GuYz JuSt LiStEn 2 a BuNcH oF Dum DUm's wit STOOPID PoWeR CHoRdEs. THeY hAvE no REaL PaSSiOn lIke FALL OUT BOY....SiMPlE PlAN....HAWthoORNe FREAKIin' HEIghTS...U GuyZ R a BuNCh Of SToOPid DUm DUms. I liek FAll Out Boy LoL.
Even if this were satire, wouldn't this be spam either way?
Huzzah! It is I, S0ulja, the Duke Of Swiss, 3rd member of the Royal order of cheese!

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